Author Topic: An open letter to the Wyoming locals from the FSW Founder  (Read 6678 times)

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An open letter to the Wyoming locals from the FSW Founder
« on: January 24, 2006, 12:33:41 PM »

If you're visiting our forum, then you've obviously heard about the FSW and wanted to learn more about us--your neighbors to be.

First of all, we've no desire to transform Wyoming into something that it is notWe like Wyoming's rugged ways and independent people.  We like its Western culture and totally support the property rights of farmers and ranchers.  Most of us are gun owners and active shooters--all of us are firm defenders of the 2nd Amendment.  Most of us are college educated, and many are business owners who will be importing jobs and income.  And, we're not all city folks--some of us can even ride horses!

Wyoming is fast being discovered by the rest of the country; there is no avoiding that.  Oregon, Colorado, and Montana have all seen relocated California liberals fleeing the mess they made back home...and Wyoming is the only Rocky Mountain state left untainted by their statists ways.  Do you want out-of-state neighbors who repeatedly phone the Sheriff over your barking dog or shooting range?  Who seek government "solutions" to private issues best handled by the people involved?  Who want to restrict your right to farm and ranch?  Who cringe every time they see your pickup's gun rack and would outlaw it if they had the chance?

We in the FSW are not like that!  When we see your .30-30 in the gun rack, our response will be, "Is that a Marlin or a Winchester?  150 grain bullets or 170?"

We are not are racists, separatists, or supremacists.  If somebody honors their word and pulls their own weight, we don't care about their skin color--and you probably don't, either.

The FSW is not a militia group.  Yes, we love to shoot, but most likely so do you.  Nobody in the FSW is moving to Wyoming to create a "compound"--much less pick a fight with authorities.

We're nothing like and we've nothing to do the properly-jailed Montana "Freemen" who cheated local businesses with their phony checks.  None of us think that fraud is cute or justifiable.

There is nothing going on within the FSW beyond what's publicly discussed here.  (We've no secret plans--sorry to be so boring.)

Finally, the FSW is not my private band of extremists.  Many FSWers often disagree with me, and I like that.

I am not a leader because I do not want followers. I'm one man who wrote a few books, that's all.  In Wyoming I will build my ranch home, raise my family, and run some businesses--that's the extent of my personal vision.

We want to help keep Wyoming the free and special land it is, and offer our ideas on how we all can make it even better.  Freedom is always unfinished business.  For example, how about knocking back the 4% sales tax to the 3% that it used to be?  Or joining Vermont and Alaska with license-free conceal carry as our 2nd Amendment guarantees?  Or protecting the grazing rights of ranchers?

In Wyoming we want to be good neighbors, have good neighbors, be productive, and live quietly.  We are friendly, intelligent, hard-working, and helpful.  We look forward to living along side you as neighbors and friends!  If you've any questions about us, please visit our website, or email me.  Or, if you're a registered forum guest, you can private message me.

Kenneth W. Royce (Boston T. Party)
FSW Founder

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