Author Topic: Insitute for Justice ranks Wyoming least onerous on licensing  (Read 6595 times)

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We're 32nd:
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Re: Insitute for Justice ranks states on licensing
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We're 32nd:

And 32nd is good, meaning:

24 out of 102 moderate-income occupations licensed
32nd most burdensome licensing laws
51st most extensively and onerously licensed state

(Last updated April 24, 2012)

Of all the states, Wyoming puts the fewest barriers in the way of those wishing to enter low- and moderate-income occupations. The state requires licenses for only 24 of the 102 low- and moderate-income occupations studied. However, the burdens imposed on would-be practitioners of these occupations are fairly high: on average, $173 in fees, 196 days lost to education and experience and two exams, making the state's laws the 32nd most burdensome.

While Wyoming is the least broadly and onerously licensed state, it could ease the path to employment in the occupations it currently licenses by reducing or eliminating excessive requirements. For example, Wyoming demands above-average education and experience to become a cosmetologist -- 467 days lost versus a national average of 372. It is also one of only 21 states to license travel guides (usually for outdoor or hunting excursions) and one of only three with a training requirement, costing prospective guides a full year.
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Re: Insitute for Justice ranks states on licensing
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Great news, and a fine idea for a thread, thanks kunkmeister!