Author Topic: Interested party from Kansas who recently visited the Lander area?  (Read 3076 times)

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This is a bit of an odd post, but I thought I'd check to see if a man that I met by Fiddler's Lake (outside of Lander) uses the forum...

I met a gentleman from Kansas by Fiddler's Lake on July 21.  When he first approached me he asked what the winters were like.  Not yet sure if he was the type of person that I wanted to encourage to move to Wyoming, I gave him temperatures more indicative of Riverton (colder) than Lander.  After I asked him if he was looking to move to the area, he indicated that he was travelling a few of the mountain states to check them out.  I told him that Wyoming is a nice place to live if you like lower taxes and good gun laws, and he responded with something along the lines of "doesn't everybody like those things!"  After that, we briefly discussed a few topics ranging from Magpul's relocation to the books "Patriots" and "Molon Labe."  I had to cut our conversation short after my party started getting antsy in the car.

I just wanted to see if the person that I met uses the forum, and, if so, to offer to answer any of his questions regarding the Lander area or my take on Wyoming, in general.

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Re: Interested party from Kansas who recently visited the Lander area?
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I am not the gentleman from Kansas you met, but live in Riverton.
Would you be interested in a get together Thursday 28 May 2015 with Mike Vaderboegh in Riverton?
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