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*READ ME* Swap Meet Rules - Must Read Before Posting Anything
« on: February 15, 2006, 05:31:16 PM »
Who Can Do What.

  • Members and Associates may post ads for goods and services they wish to buy, sell, or trade. They may also reply to posts and browse the board.
  • Registered Users may browse the board and reply to posts (to haggle terms, or ask questions, etc).
  • Unregistered Guests may browse the board but can not post or reply. For increased access, please register with the forum.

Make sure you read the Rules For Posting An Ad below. They are VERY simple. Anything that is illegal or even slightly shady, I'll nuke in a heartbeat.

If you have any questions, there is a thread started for that. Post your questions and comments here as a reply and we'll answer them as soon as we can. Or ask Hunter.


Rules for this board are rather simple.

  • Free State Wyoming Forums, its owner and/or operators, admins, etc. are in NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for any of the transactions that take place here. By posting anything here, or buying,selling or trading, you are agreeing that you have read this post and will not hold us responsible for any damage, problems, or inconvenience that results. We reserve the right to alter this contract at any time.
  • Buyer Beware - FSW, the forum, and the host have NO involvement with the sellers. We don't take a cut or charge a fee. All transactions are between the buyer and the seller. Know what you are buying. Know what you are selling.
  • FSW Members Only - While anyone can view the posts and contact sellers and buy items posted here, only members of FSW may post an ad. Only registered users may post replies.
  • Keep It Legal - Any illegal or even shady items will get deleted and likely get the poster banned from the forum.
  • No Firearms - I know, I know. I don't like it either. But none of us here want a visit from the JBTs of BATFE because someone didn't dot an I or cross a T.
BTP proviso for non-prohibited possessors:  Wyoming person to Wyoming person in Wyoming listings are OK.

  • When in doubt, ask an admin.

Feel free to post an ad for personal goods/services or professional goods/services. Got stuff in the attic you want to sell? Post an ad. Are you in business? Post an ad for your business. If you have questions, ask a moderator.

Subject Line Syntax

  • WTS - blah blah? ?(for Want To Sell, where blah blah is the item)
  • WTB - blah blah? ?(for Want To Buy, where blah blah is the item)
  • WTT - blah blah? ?(for Want To Trade, where blah blah is the item)
  • Advertisement - blah blah (for a general advertisement for a company, business, service, etc., Where blah blah is the business name)
  • Free - blah blah? ?(for Free Items/Services, where blah blah is the item)

Feel free to put all the pics and description you want in the body of the post but the subject line should start with one of the descriptions above (WTS, WTB, WTT, Advertisement, or Free) to make it easy for visitors to tell what kind of post it is.

From Boston to those who place ads:
Once you've bought/traded/sold the item in question, please delete your ad.? Let's keep the Swap Meet current, vs. an archive of past transactions.? Thanks!

When/if the item(s) are sold/gone, I also would appreciate yer going back and deleting it or letting me know to delete it.
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