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I thought a parody (preferably original ones) thread would be fun.

Here is a little parody I wrote to the tune of "The Song that Doesn't End" (for those not familiar with this very annoying song it may not make sense. Here is a youtube short version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_47KVJV8DU Some psycho put up a 10 hour version...)

Trump's a racist sexist misogynist,
Trump's a racist sexist misogynist,
Some people started claiming it when he ran for office,
And now they'll keep it going to control the public mind.
Trump's a racist sexist misogynist....

(repeat ad nauseum and apply for a media job)

It sounds dreadful. Like a Go-Go's song.


--- Quote from: rhodges on July 16, 2019, 06:26:55 PM ---It sounds dreadful. Like a Go-Go's song.

--- End quote ---

Wow, you thought up something worse than Sherry Lewis with her puppets Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse, and Hush Puppy (song's source). I didn't think that was possible. I came up with it when I saw part of a CNN report talking about racist Trump (one can't go anywhere without telescreens droning on everywhere). I thought, "This narrative just goes on and on..."

It would make a great parody video, I just don't have the means.

I thought of two more ideas that could be the subject of either memes, sarcastic vids, or political cartoons.
1. Doctor to very pregnant woman in exam room "You have pre-eclampsia and we HAVE to deliver immediately. Would you like an abortion or a cesarean."
2. A guy, with a hairy and muscular chest,  in a '70s low cut men's hairy chest shirt, with the caption "What if men dressed for work with the same consideration women do."

If I could draw, I would make 3  political cartoons:

Greta Thunberg as Chicken Little screaming in terror, "The sky is falling," surrounded by three people labeled politician, education, and media; all dropping acorns on her head, smirking, and whispering, "The sky is falling" into her ears.

A picture of a masked criminal pointing a gun at a driver  next to a picture of AOC pointing a gun labeled "green new deal," with the caption "carjacking" referring to both.

A teacher, politician, and News reporter pointing to a thought bubble with Imaginary man-made global warming in it. With 10 terrified children arranged like bowling pins. The teacher would be clearly distracting them from a bowling ball heading their way with "national debt" written on it.


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