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Two decades already


From Commander Zero: http://www.commanderzero.com/?p=6543

It mentions Boston's book on Y2K, and the coming 20th anniversary of the Y2K non-event.

Wow, has it been two decades already?

I recall sitting in front of the computer watching it as a junior in HS to see what would happen.  ;D

My book came out 11/1998, IIRC.  Wow, that's a lot of water 'neath the bridge.
I bought a nice big generator, and freeze-fried food.  Ammo I already had.   ;)
Went on a double date 12/31/99 for a very nice dinner. 

Thanks for the link.  One comment stood out for me:

--- Quote ---Wilbur on September 5, 2019 at 9:22 AM said:

Y2K was real.
Our IT department took it seriously, because we were running SCO UNIX.
The UNIX itself was patchable without too much difficulty, but several servers failed testing to move past 12/31/99

We would have had failures & been out of business for a while -had we not prepared.
We had to buy some new hardware & re-install which we had completed by September of 99.
One reason Y2K was a nothing burger for most peeps is because IT depts DID take it seriously & identify what units were vulnerable.

A lot like we donít think about the power company and all the people working 24/7 to keep it on. We only notice if something breaks.

--- End quote ---


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