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Looking into 2020

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colonial shooter:
As of late this place has been a ghost town. I do appreciate those that are still hangin' out and posting from time to time. I am looking into 2020 and wondering what comes next? Politics are in the garbage, and at least the economy seems to be holding its own... Here is me , wishing You a joyous New Year, hopefully stress free. Blessing to all! See ya next year!

Happy New Year to you as well, and to all the FSW'ers.

Steve C.:

So much for that economy thing, I think!

I hope you all are doing well.

It's ironic to hear in person from FSWers that "nobody posts on the forum anymore".

When I point out that they don't post, either, they get a sheepish look.

I got burnt out on the FSW and the forum, but will try to return more often now than I have.
Thank you to those who have meanwhile kept it going, especially our kind host Richard H.



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