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Re: FSW Banner Ad On RFL Website
« Reply #15 on: March 28, 2007, 02:15:55 PM »
GearPay restrictions which kill it for me:
o Using an anonymizing proxy.
o Acting as an exchanger for any other kind of e-currency whatsoever.

from Jim:
For example, there is no FSW e-gold account to my knowledge, nor FSW accounts for other online gold and silver payment services (GoldMoney, Pecunix, 1MDC, eCache) to my knowledge.  I'm not even clear that official gold system accounts or official bank accounts for FSW are a part of Boston's plans for the group.

The FSW has had both e-gold and 1mdc accounts since Oct 2006:
FSW Account:  3697474 (Free State Wyoming)
FSW Account:  3697474 fsw

If these ever prove too limiting, I will consider having an FSW bank account opened (ugh).
So far, e-payments and M.O.s have sufficed just fine.

Also, FSWers are volunatarily acting as payments nodes here and there.  Cool.
It's a holistic and decentralized response. 

Jim, thanks for raising these issues, and for your continued valuable help to the FSW.

Regarding future assets, infrastructure, and services which could be owned
by the FSW,  I'd greatly prefer instead private ownership amongst you all to be
loaned/contracted/donated to the FSW as you see fit.  That is, I'd rather keep
all this utterly decentralized.   

Remember, the purpose of the FSW is not to create a large org per se, but
as a very diffuse org to kick off a phenomenon of Wyoming relocation.

Organizations can be hassled and even shut down. 
Try, instead, to derail a phenomenon.

I want Wyoming to become as irresistably attractive to RKBA/freedom types as
Colorado mountain towns are to skiers. 

A phenomenon has the force of downhill water. 
One is either a joyful part of that, or one gets out of the way.

I got out of the way of the liberal migration to Colorado.
There was nothing I could do about it, which gave rise to my idea...