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« on: February 19, 2006, 05:42:18 PM »
Howdy howdy howdy from southwest New Mexico!!  This is my first post here, but definately won't be my last.  I've dreamed of re-locating to Wyoming since I first heard of FSW.  I've read Molon Labe a half dozen times, and read every bit of information I could find online about FSW.  I'm 27 years old and have lived in New Mexico my whole life.  Although I don't relish the thought of actually owning a set of tire chains:P, they gypsy way down in my soul's tellin me I need a change.  I need to clear up some personal business down here before I'll be ready to roll, but my Statement of Intent will be posted as soon as I feel I'm ready. 

I reckon I'm seeking after employment in Wyoming, right now.  I'm very certain I can be find work anywhere in the USA, but would like to have some leads before I actually head north.  I've experience with automotive mechanics, specializing in under-vehicle systems (suspension and such), working with cattle and horses, equine/bovine containment engineering (fence building ;D), water wells (solar, windmills, submersible pumps), and running equipment.  I also do a lil bit of singing, songwriting, and playin guitar (ok, I practice hard, and fake the rest).

Anybody already in Wyoming that has information on employment and relocation, please contact me at  I look foreward to conversing with liberty-minded people about Wyoming.  Thank you in advance!

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Re: howdy!
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Hi jason, will you be able to make it to the Jam ? We will need some music around the campfire !
As far as employment I like . There is a boom going on in Wyo. and there will be lots of heavy equipment and mechanical jobs opening up over the next 5 years. Sounds like you won't have much problem finding work.There are many here, including myself, who will be picking your brain about windmills and solar.  Welcome ! Miles
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Re: howdy!
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Howdy right back,

If you want to work, there are jobs (and lots of them!). I'm so busy all the time, I wouldn't mind hiring you out for some work (but hurry!).

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