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my introduction
« on: May 29, 2013, 01:10:04 AM »
   I really donít know where to start or where the beginning of this should be.  So I guess Iíll just start with my name.  My name is Justin, I currently live in Colorado.  A few years ago I retired from the U.S. Army Rangers.  I am 30 years old and tired; I have lost a lot for my country and am tired of feeling betrayed by that same country.  What I am looking for is a fresh start in a quite area where I can just be left alone.
   I grew up on a cattle ranch here in Colorado, and thatís not anything that you ever forget or that ever leaves you.  What I am looking for is just a little information.  I would like to find a working cattle ranch in Wyoming that might be willing to talk to me about possibly working as a ranch hand for them. 
   Any way any information or a starting point would be helpful.
     Thank you

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Re: my introduction
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Welcome! I'll tell you what we tell everyone here. Come visit. We'd love to sit down and talk with you, show your our towns and introduce you to folks nearby who might be able to help. Others will probably post their own invitation, but you'd be welcome to visit me here in Newcastle, up in the NE corner, any time. Just let me know a few days or a week in advance and I'll invite the others nearby to join us.
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Re: my introduction
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Or better yet meet a bunch of us at the same time. We are gathering in Guernsey, WY this weekend, you are welcome to join us there.
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Re: my introduction
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Cowboy Ranger,
There are several of us on this forum that live here in WY that are ranchers. (I'm not one.) Hopefully they will chime in here.
Many of my neighbors are ranchers, but small scale, just family operated. Our local state senator, Ogden Driskill, who lives just a few miles down the road, comes from an old ranching family (as do many elected officials in the state). Here's the link to his web page with his email address. And yes, people up here DO answer answer emails and their own phones! Write him a short note and ask for any advice or contact info he may have regarding someone who might need a hand.

(Crook County)
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