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*Read me* Article Reprint Policy
« on: May 02, 2006, 10:54:39 AM »
After much discussion and debate, the following rules are being implemented regarding the posting of articles. These rules are being implemented to comply with Copyright laws and to protect; the host of the forum, FSW and forum staff, the FSW organization, and the forum users.

1)  Without explicit permission there shall be NO posting of another's entire work on this forum, period.

2)  No posting of another's work to such extent that would harm its commercial value.

3)  Brief excerpts are allowed, but only if no longer than necessary to make possible one's commentary, and then only if attributed.

4)  Whenever possible, try to rewrite or paraphrase the work instead of quoting it.

Moderators and Administrative Staff will be enforcing these rules and repeated offenses will be dealt with. If anyone has any questions regarding these rules, please contact a Moderator or Administrative Staff.
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